• Must be high school or post secondary student in 2021-2022 school year (ages 13 to 25)
  • Complete the registration process
  • Join the Discord Server
  • Complete requirements mentioned in the Hackathon Guide
  • Register on Devpost (this is where submissions will be accepted. Late submissions will not be accepted)
  • Complete Check-in form before September 19
  • Teams may not be larger than 4 however, you are welcome to work individually
  • Treat your fellow participants with respect. Misconduct will not be tolerated
  • The judges’ decisions are final for determining prizes and awards
  • Anyone who violates the rules/code of conduct shall be immediately disqualified from the competition.
  • Taking or using any other code, projects, ideas, etc. from either participants in the hackathon or outside of it is not allowed. The project must be original and created by the participant only.
  • While a hackathon is a competition, only friendly competition is allowed. No harassing, poor sports talk, or competitive talk (ex. “I will crush you”) is allowed. No shaming others on their projects, and solely encouragement and constructive feedback is allowed. This applies to all of our communication platforms for the hackathon. 
  • No projects should be created that spreads hate or bashes any social group. Avoid building projects with political inclinations.

Pitch Competition 

  • Do not plagiarize code, design, or any other work. It will result in automatic disqualification. A project will be "plagiarised" if a key or major part of the project is found to be stolen from tutorials, Internet resources, or any other published work.
  • Reference any resources you have used in a proper format.
  • Video submissions must be no more than 3 minutes 
  • Devpost submissions must be submitted no later than 11:59 PM EST on September 19. Late submissions will not be accepted.  

Research Paper

  • Submission should be between 300 - 800 words, excluding citations. 

  • All diagrams that you use (if any) should be cited properly or be original.

  • Make sure to use trusted sources. This includes academic journal articles, government resources, or trusted newspapers. Cross referencing with multiple sources is recommended.

  • Plagiarism in any way, shape, or form is not acceptable. 

Important Note

Our hackathon is dedicated to providing a safe and comfortable environment and harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of the following:

  • gender
  • gender identity and expression
  • age
  • sexual orientation
  • disability
  • physical appearance
  • body size
  • race
  • ethnicity
  • nationality
  • religion
  • political views
  • previous hackathon attendance or lack of
  • computing experience or lack of
  • chosen programming language or tech stack



How many people can be on the team? 

  • Your team can have 4 members including you.

What do I need to participate ?

  • Just register yourself here.

  • Make sure you have a device (PC/laptop, etc).

Where can I find the schedule?

  • The schedule is in our hackathon guide

What do I need to have for the hackathon?

  • You will need a computer connected to Wifi, but also plenty of sleep, water, and snacks.

How much does the envirothon cost?

  • Thanks to our generous sponsors, hackers can participate for free!

Who is eligible for the envirothon?

  • High school and college students are welcome!

Do I need to know how to code?

  • No you don’t! We have workshops to introduce you to coding and computer science when you have no experience. New coders with less than a year of experience are eligible to submit their project as a beginner hack. You can even build no-code websites, prototypes and pitches if you’re a beginner!

When do you start accepting submissions?

  • From September 1st! The last date to submit is September 19th!

Can I continue a project I have been working on earlier for the hackathon?

  • Yes, you may!


Code of Conduct

As a Envirothon participant, you give your permission for and grant You Are the Change, the Sci2Foundation and Youthopeian the irrevocable right to:

  • Interview you in the program and appearance on video tape, audio tape, film, photograph or any other media, whether now know or hereafter existing (recording)

  • Use, reproduce, distribute, publicly display and/or publicly perform,either electronically or by any other media whether now known or hereafter existing, and to allow others to do the same, your name, likeness or voice,the recordings, in whole or in part worldwide, without restrictions or limitations, in perpetuity, for any purpose, including without limitations, promotions,educational or commercial use.

  • Provide to sponsors any LinkedIn, Github, or resume that you have submitted on your application

  • Use your information for the purpose of user feedback, improvement of products, and sharing to sponsors. 

  • The Youthopeian Envirothon is dedicated to create a safe and welcoming community for all hackers. Any harassment based on (but not limited to) race, nationality, religion, age, disability, physical appearance,body size, gender identity,gender , sexual orientation,or computing experience will not be tolerated. 

  • If you witness any incident that violates our code of conduct as outlined on this document please report it to any organiser. We will make every effort to ensure our attendees’ safety including intervention.